Santa Barbara Clean Energy

The Santa Barbara Clean Energy (SBCE), is sharing a recent announcement made by Southern California Edison, which announced that starting on October 1st it has raised its electricity delivery rates by an average of $0.02/kWh.

“This rate increase will equate to roughly $10 per month for the average customer and will affect both Santa Barbara Clean Energy and Edison customers. Edison’s rate increase is tied to the delivery of electricity to all customers in Santa Barbara (and the entire Edison service area) and is based on the increasing costs of updating poles, wires, and other infrastructure”.

“Edison’s rate increase is specifically related to the infrastructure needed to deliver power to homes and businesses,” shares Alelia Parenteau, acting sustainability and resilience co-director.

Parenteau stated the energy company had to increase rates dramatically in recent years due to heavy investment in infrastructure to prevent wildfires and modernize their grid.

“Most Santa Barbarans have seen Edison crews working on power poles and wires in their neighborhoods,” Parenteau said.

SBCE provides customers with green energy, and Edison delivers the electricity, which is shown on every electricity bill under procurement and delivery rates.

The local energy entity also announced its procurement rates are staying the same.

Edison’s delivery rate will show the increase of $0.02/kWh on customers’ November statements reflecting October electricity use.

SBCE mission is to offer customers green energy options with continued reliable electric service to achieve our community’s ambitious climate goals.

“This is particularly important because local electricity use accounts for over 20% of Santa Barbara’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions”, said Parenteau.

Santa Barbara Clean Energy also offers incentives and programs to its customers that leverage Santa Barbara Clean Energy’s carbon-free electricity in ways that will greatly help achieve the city’s carbon neutrality goals.

Benefits include rebates on electric vehicles, reduced-cost electric bike memberships, trying out induction cookware, home energy audits, and discounts on locally made battery back-up systems.

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